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October 22, 2017

Check in to Big Cedar

3:00 pm

4:00 pm

Arrival of Attendees

Check-in at Arnie's Barn at Top of the Rock

5:30 pm

Dan Boever

Special Guest Presentation at Top of the Rock

6:30 pm


Arnie's Barn

October 23, 2017

7:30 am


Served for All Guests at Grandview
Conference Center

8:30 am

Arrival of Attendees

Check-in at Grandview Conference Center
(For anyone who didn't check-in on Sunday)

9:00 am

Let's Get Started!

Intro and Welcome

9:30 am

The Blueprint

9:45 am


Presentation by Tim Kirkland

11:00 am


11:10 am


Continuation by Tim Kirkland

12:10 pm


Lunch will be served in the Grandview Conference Center

12:50 pm


7shifts - Jordan Boesch 

1:20 pm

Choice of One Class

Class A- Orientation and Scheduling with 7shifts

This class will dive deep into three areas of our employee onboarding and scheduling processes. First, we will discuss the importance of our orientation class. This class provides new employees the best possible way to begin their successful time with us here at Andy’s. Second, the 7shifts team will provide a deeper look into their scheduling program. They will highlight areas that can provide crucial information resulting in better customer experiences, improved employee retention, and higher productivity. Third, we will review some blueprinted scheduling practices that are proven to be effective and provide success for any Andy’s. We look forward to seeing you in this class. 

Class B- Solving Issues in Human Resource Management: An Interactive Problem Solving of Legal and Ethical Issues in the Workplace

The legal landscape of today’s workplace is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Employees are the most crucial variable to a company’s success, but can also open the door to great liability when the company strays away from regulatory requirements.  Understanding the law is only half the battle. Not only will there be discussion about the topics that need to be on your radar, practical techniques on how to apply them will also be provided.  Join this session to protect your company from legal landmines that can harm the Andy’s brand and your bottom line.

2:10 pm

Choice of

One Roundtable

Roundtable A1- The Employee Experience

Organizations with happy, engaged employees outperform others by 202% (Source: Dale Carnegie).


The benefits of being happy: 21% higher profitability (S: Gallup); 20% higher productivity (S: Gallup), 41% fewer quality issues (S: Gallup), 51% lower turnover (S: Gallup), and 125% less burnout (S: HBR).


Our blueprint is comprised of information tailored to three areas of importance: our custard, our crew, and our customer. Our crew takes care of the customer and the custard. By creating a great employee experience, we can effectively win in all three areas of our blueprint for success. This roundtable will review ways to create a great employee experience.

Roundtable B1- Recruitment

The single most important thing we do is hire the right people. However, it is not always as simple as we would like it to be.  This roundtable discussion will explore various techniques and aspects of recruiting that we utilize at Andy’s. Topics will include which job websites to post on, community involvement in the recruiting process, open interviews, new store hiring, and other tips.  Printed resources will be provided to each attendee that will enable the information to be turned into action!

Roundtable C1- How to Develop Your Next Manager

Andy’s has developed a step-by-step guide to prepare and train internal management candidates and external management hires.  This guide can be utilized for shift supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager levels.  Each level is broken into a 4-week minimum training process, with each week having a specific focus. Using this guide, you will be able to track their progress through the entire process.  The goal is to properly prepare all managers to ensure Andy’s exceptional service and superior product are being delivered on every shift.

2:40 pm

Choice of

One Roundtable

Roundtable A2- The Employee Experience

Description Above - A1

Roundtable B2- Recruitment

Description Above - B1

Roundtable C1- How to Develop Your Next Manager

Description Above - C1

3:05 pm


3:20 pm

Choice of 

One Roundtable

Roundtable D1- Standards of Service

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."

-Walt Disney, Founder of the Walt Disney Company


For every one of us, there is still something magical about pulling up to an Andy's store with the glowing neon, spinning cone, and jam-packed patio. However, it is not what is on the outside that continues to bring our customers back time-and-again. 


Superior customer service is an aspect of Andy's that John and Carol Kuntz used as the foundation for their business. But how do we achieve this gold star standard? This roundtable is your opportunity to ask our founder any questions you have ever had about Andy's legendary customer service, and learn about the how and why behind it.

Roundtable E1- Making Loyalty Work for You

During this roundtable discussion on customer loyalty, we will present data on how stores are making our loyalty program work for them. We will pull statistics from our scorecards and get industry standards from Paytronix to see where we rate. Franchisee, Chris Plumpe, will speak specifically about how he is making the program work for his stores. Utilizing our loyalty program is a free and EFFECTIVE way to encourage customers to return to your stores and to increase their frequency of visits.

Roundtable F1- Networking in Your Community

“Serving our community and its people…”, are the first six words of our Mission Statement at Andy’s.  This roundtable discussion will be tailored around developing relationships within your community, both inside and outside of our walls.  Topics will include:

- Serving our loyal fans, vendors, and crew.

- Involvement and networking with local chambers and fellow business leaders.

- Participation and execution with off-site marketing events and donations.

- Actively marketing your store with the right tools.

- Engagement from Store Managers- "Run it like you own it!"

3:50 pm

Choice of

One Roundtable

Roundtable D2- Standards of Service

Description Above - D1

Roundtable E2- Making Loyalty Work for You

Description Above - E1

Roundtable F2- Networking in Your Community

Description Above - F1

4:20 pm

Choice of

One Class

Class C- Service the Andy's Way

Any business with customers is in the "people" business. You can differentiate from competition by WOWing customers, not just competing in price. Andy's lives this through our Mission, Vision, and Values, creating a WOW experience for any guest. "Data demonstrates that superior service is an investment helping to drive business growth. Investing in quality talent and ensuring they have the skills, training, and tools that enable them to empathize and actively listen to customers are central to providing consistently excellent service experiences." Jim Bush, Executive VP at American Express. 


Our focus is to share and train the new Service Class so that every operator can effectively teach customer service in their stores. We will show the impact the class has had at new store openings and how it works with existing stores and employees. The class encompasses how to create a culture engaged in serving people by staying people focused.

4:55 pm

End of Day Items

6:30 pm


Chuck Wagon 

8:30 pm

Fun Mountain

Fun Activities at Fun Mountain *on your own

October 24, 2017

7:30 am

Served for All Guests in the
Grandview Conference Center


Class D- Machine Overview Class with the SECO Team

Will, Jeffrey and Joey will have a SECO machine on hand with all panels off and the custom machine freezer up and running. We will field questions mainly on anything that has to do with the machine and generic questions about the freezer. 

8:15 am


9:20 am

Day 2 Begins


9:30 am

Presentation - 

Terri Tucker

Leader is Not a Title Five to Thrive... on the leadership journey

Leadership can be viewed as a well-polished skill set that has been honed over time by only those with special letters after their names and degrees on their walls. But great leadership is nothing more than a collection of actions and behaviors--well-placed, other's-centered and effective. During our time together, we will dive deep into FIVE of the key behaviors that help leaders cross over from that "good enough" boring stigma, to that "great" level that inspires others to passionately run to the vision.


Join in a vibrant and engaging discussion...not a "sit and get presentation." Come prepared to think, learn, and prepare. The introduction question will be, "Tell us about the best leader you ever willingly followed." You might want to think about it in advance.

Looking forward to meeting and learning from each of you... Terri Tucker, Thought Leader

11:05 am


11:20 am

Choice of 

One Roundtable

Roundtable G1- Grow to Lead

"Our capacity to grow determines our capacity to lead." - Mark Miller, author of Great Leaders Grow.

At Andy's, the success of a store will only be as high as the store's leadership strives for it to be. If leadership stops growing, there will be a cap on growth and the whole store (the people and the business) will become stagnant. We have to grow to lead effectively and efficiently and, through our leadership, we can improve the team and the business. In this roundtable, we will discuss the different ways we can grow as leaders.

Roundtable I1- Trainer Identification & Training

Training employees costs time and money.  However, not properly training employees comes at a much greater cost.  One of the keys to effective training is finding employees in your organization who are skilled at training others and are comfortable in doing so.  In this roundtable, we will discuss the qualities all great trainers must possess and how to identify those people in your organization.  We will also talk about the process of training the trainer and how to prepare them for an important position in your business. 

Roundtable H1- Don't Wait to Train, Do Waitrainer

Waitrainer is an ever-evolving tool that is a big part of our training process. It is also a very important part of how we create consistency across our brand. In this roundtable, we will spend time describing the vision for Waitrainer, run through basic functions, and provide useful tips. We look forward to your suggestions and feedback in this roundtable.

11:50 am

Choice of 

One Roundtable

Roundtable G2- Grow to Lead

Description Above- G1

Roundtable H2- Don't Wait to Train, Do Waitrainer

Description Above- H1

Roundtable I2- Trainer Identification & Training

Description Above- I1

12:20 pm


Served in the Grandview Conference Center

1:30 pm



How to Influence Your Markets with Digital Campaign Marketing
Campaignium is our digital marketing partner based in Springfield, MO. Founded in 2012, the company has grown to over 20 employees, and has worked with clients such as The Smithsonian Institute and Ashley Furniture. This presentation will cover the basics behind lead generation, brand awareness, and building an online audience through digital marketing techniques. Campaignium has been integral in multiple new store openings, grand openings, and general awareness for Andy’s since mid-2016. We encourage you to bring questions during this digital marketing program.

2:25 pm

Choice of One Class

Class E- Store Development and Construction

This class will focus on a number of different topics related to the approval and construction of franchise stores. We will discuss submittal requirements, site selection, site layout, navigating jurisdictional approvals, sign guidelines and brand identity. 

Class F- Our REAL Secret Ingredient: The Andy’s Brand

When it comes to managing the Andy’s brand, there is no easy recipe for success. Brand management is an imperfect science that is made up (in part) of our story, our image, and our messaging. Even though there isn’t a single recipe for success, that doesn’t mean we can’t come up with an effective combination. We invite you to come to our class to learn the formula that makes Andy’s what it is.

3:05 pm


3:25 pm

Choice of One Roundtable

Roundtable J1- Profit & Loss Review

A roundtable to review profit and loss statements and how they can be used in your business. 

Roundtable K1- Andy's Promotions Made Easy

Our promotions…from seasonal treats to Grand Opening Celebrations! In this roundtable, we will answer all your questions (and more) about the best way to reach our customers using our system-wide promotions.

Roundtable L1- 1-ON-1

Have questions? Want to dive deep into a piece of the blueprint? Or just want to chat? We have put this time aside just for that. Pick this roundtable and time will be set aside for some one-on-one time. Multiple Andy’s representatives will be available to meet with. Pairings will be presented with your conference check-in items.

3:55 pm

Choice of One Roundtable

Roundtable J2- Title Profit & Loss

Description Above- J1

Roundtable K2- Andy's Promotions Made Easy

Description Above- K1

Roundtable L2- 1-ON-1

Description Above- L1

4:25 pm


Andy's Presentation

5:00 pm

End of Day

6:30 pm


Top of the Rock Wine Cellar Dinner

October 25, 2017

7:30 am


Served for All Guests in the
Grandview Conference Center

8:30 am

Arrival of Attendees

Grandview Conference Center

9:00 am

Day 3 Begins


9:15 am


Exciting Mystery Guest

10:30 am

Final Items

Awards and Prizes & End of Conference Notes

11:00 am

End of Conference

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